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During the recent storms I can see hail damage and a limb from our oak tree hit our 2nd floor roof. I have never made a claim with our insurance for hail damage and do not know if it will qualify so I am hoping that you can tell me the amount of damage and if the entire roof needs to be fixed. We have a $1000 deductible.

Joy W

Need to replace roof, vents, & gutters. Please come out and provide me an estimate. Thanks.

Daniel H

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1.50 How Can EPDM be bonded directly over rolled roofing?

Q. How Can EPDM be bonded directly over rolled roofing? im doing an addition to my house and im going to have epdm roofing installed (im installing it actually), the other half of my house has rolled roofing, the epdm company tells me i cant bond epdm roofing to rolled roofing with the oils, so is there anyway i can bond the 2 together?

A. Manufacture recommendations is for a reason. The over all reliability of the product. Bonding it directly to roll roofing....NO! You can apply a fiber board over the roll roofing then apply the EPDM, but then I would suggest to remove the roll roofing to keep the extra weight off the roof. I would go on to suggest to get rid off all the roll roofing. It is an old school product that is not dependable and repairing it normally helps "for the moment" but with all the seams you just shift problems from one spot to another. EPDM is a superb product and very durable and choice of many contractors doing flat roofs today.

1.20 How do I know what kind of corrugated roofing to get?

Q. Hi, I found documentation to the effect that the corrugated steel roofing on my house and apartment was replaced in 1983. It's never been maintained since, and of course there is major problems with it. Leaks galore, wood underneath rotted in places, and other joys. The corrugated steel roofing at Home Depot is 24 grains. I don't know what that means. What does it mean if steel roofing is "24 grains?" Is that good? Also, I see these newfangled plastic roofing products. Are they any good for a harsh tropical clime like mine?

A. Check your local roofing supplier . Don't go to Home Cheapo for advice .

1.20 What is the best fastener to use with rolled roofing material?

Q. I have a small 16x16 barn that has plenty of slope, not much wind or hot weather here, but plenty of rain. plan to sell the place in the near future, so just want it to not leak and last a few years. What I am trying to find out is, what fasteners are the quickest, and easiest to use??? (staples?, roofing nails?) What is a cheap, sufficient stapler to buy for a homeowner?

A. 11/2" galvanized roofing nails every 8" at the seam along with troweled roof cement with a quarter overlay lap

1.20 What is the best type of laminate wood flooring to be used on a concrete floor? Glue type or glue-less?

Q. My parents and I are re-modeling parts of our home and we'd like to know what kind of laminate wood flooring could be used on a concrete floor. Glue or glueless? Bear in mind that my parents are both home improvement people (Dad is a roofing supervisor; Mom works as a dept. manager for a local indie hardware store). However, they are open to advice and suggestions from others on what kind of laminate wood flooring to use on concrete floors.

A. Glue down laminate is obsolete now. They are all what they call ''floating'' floors now. Any major brand will suffice. You may just want to look and see how easy the planks go together before deciding. Some brands have a foam backing with a moisture barrier already glued to the back of them and some require that you buy the foam in a roll that has to be laid down first. Obviously the real cheap stuff is going to feel like walking on cardboard and the pricier stuff will feel like real wood. No laminate is intended for a full bathroom where water/moisture from a tub or shower is present.

1.20 Im installing hardwood floor planks. How do I repair a unlevel section of flooring?

Q. Im installing hardwood floor planks. A section of the floor is about a half of inch lower than the rest of the floor. What type of approach should I take to level flooring? If I use self leveling cement, will the staples or nails be able to penetrate this material into the subfloor?

A. You will not have good luck stapling/nailing through the cement leveling compound. You are going to have to either fix what is causing the unlevel spot or shim the hardwood. You can use 1/4" plywood and or layers of 15LB roofing felt. to shim. You might need to use longer nails in the low spots to be sure they penetrate the subfloor. This is what my buddy who owns a flooring business told me when I did my floors.

1.20 How do I dispatch people?

Q. I work for a heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and roofing company, and I dispatch about ten people on seven calls a day, and it is exhausting. I take the call (or whoever is in the office does) and gather the customer information. This includes name, address, phone number, city, zip code, how they heard about us (commercial, radio, referral, repeat, etc.), what type of problem they are having (heating, electrical, plumbing, or roofing), what exactly is going wrong, if it is an estimate on a new unit, a service failure, what time the customer called, what date the customer called, when the customer would like the technician to come out (we try to always book them between twelve and four, and save the early times for customers with no other option). The salesman then takes the inbound call sheet over to the dispatch log. I probably should have mentioned that each call sheet has a preassigned number (e.g. 20090001, 20090002, etc.). They match the invoice number on the inbound call sheet to the number on the call log which contains the invoice number, then a place for the sales rep to fill out the rest of the customer information, including customer name, technician assigned to customer's zip code, type of call (hvac, electrical, plumbing), date of call, date scheduled, time of call, time scheduled (am or pm), time completed, revenue collected, and if it was entered into quickbooks, and then if the invoice was given to the technician. This is all if the customer wants the work done on a future date. If the customer wants the work done that day, the sales rep goes ahead and calls the technician assigned to the customer's zip code. He then fills out the call log like normal. Once they have done all that, they give the call sheets to me. I then enter all the information into quickbooks and print out two work orders. I put the call sheets into a plastic sleeve and put those in a binder starting from the lowest work order number to the greatest. Then I put the work order in Steve's folder who gives them to the correct technician. The technician's go out and do the call and collect the money unless it is a credit card. Then I call the customer, get their credit card information, and call the credit card company and charge their card (I am honest enough to be trusted to do this). The checks are deposited every day at the bank after they have been entered into quickbooks. Most of the technicians are paid by salary. I broke my windshield the other day (coincidentally trying to deal with stress from this job), and a company with similar problems came out to fix it, and I was very interested in how they overcame them. The people on the phone took my phone number, name, car type, and schedule me for 12 to 4 pm. the technician who gets paid by the job came out, fixed my windshield, entered some information into his blackberry and connected it to the safegear thing and printed out his receipt and was on his merry way. I called the company (safelite), and tole them all this, and they said to call the corporate office between eight and five, which I will do tomorrow. but fellow workers, will you please help a struggling business and let me know how you dispatch people or how we could improve? Is there any company that has software for this??? PLEASE!

A. Whew, your employer owes you big time for some mental health counseling. The really big firms around here in the midwest use a system that is identical to law enforcement. They carry a small walkie talkie and have radios in their big box trucks. I had a young man check out my heat pump just last week and I could hear the dispatcher talking talking talking. It was a woman and she'd been doing it a long time that was obvious from my first contact. Except she gave him the wrong address and he was driving around for a while until I called her back, she then radioed him right away and I had a delay of maybe ten minutes. We have quite a few one man operations around here and they are Good. The one husband of a friend that I know just gets by with a cell phone, but you don't want to face something like that you have way too many people running in and out. Here's a suggestion: check out temporary employment agencies and ask them what kind of system they use? You might even find a better job who knows? Community colleges have wonderful courses on Business Communication, check them out if you have time and if your employer will pay for all or part of it. This is tax deductible as it's to improve your performance on your job. Then, get online and check out different software companies, there are tons out there who really need the business. A local Nerd would also jump at the chance to get a system customized just for your firm. You really have a situation and I sincerely hope you get some kind of help and soon. Oh, I also know of what you call service plumbing firms in the Miami/Tampa/Cape Coral/Fort Myers areas. These people are really with it but they're in trouble now because the hotels are sitting there empty especially this time of year. Maybe you could check with some hotels or housekeeping managers as to what kind of system they use, but it would depend on how big and busy your area of the country is. Okay, there's lots more but this will keep you busy thinking and maybe alleviate some of your stress. Good Luck!

1.20 How do carpenters use area and surface area in their daily work?

Q. I have a math project and i need help!!! Anyways my question is How do carpenters use area and surface area in their daily work?

A. They use area/surface area constantly. First off, when estimating a job, they need to know how much materials to buy. For instance you have a 10X10 foot room with 8 foot ceilings. If you are going to put up drywall, paint and primer, you need to know surface area of each wall and the entire room. Drywall comes in 4x8 and 4x12 sheets and deciding which to use depends on the area to be covered. When a carpenter does a job estimate, he's bound by that figure, so any additional materials that he didn't plan for comes out of his profit. Flooring is the same deal... need to know square footage of a room to install the floors. Roofing... three bundles of shingles covers 100 sq ft of roof. Area calculations are extremely important for carpenters and they use this constantly. I hope this helps out at least a little bit.

1.20 How can I get a contractor to work on a house?

Q. I inherited a rather large Victorian style house. It is in desperate need of maintenance such as roofing, trim repair and painting, asbestos remediation, wiring and plumbing. I've called just about every contractor in the phone book or in the local trades. Most of them don't even return my calls, and the ones I am able to reach directly are either too busy, don't service my area or don't do residential work (I wish they would say that in their ads). I also tried Service Magic, but the few that did respond to my inquiries gave very high estimates - like one that wanted $18,000 to do one area of the roof. I think $1,800 would be a lot for one dormer! Like I sais, some things need immediate attention. What is a good way to get a reliable contractor?

A. Old homes like that, although beautiful, require regular maintenance. If let go, the damage caused can really add up $$$$ quickly. Sounds like you have quite a bit of water damage already. The suggestion to get an inspection with a good contractor is right on. He'll be able to give you at least a ball park figure of how much it's gonna take to get the place back into decent shape. Be prepared for a pretty hefty amount, and, as a WAG I'd say it could approach $200 sq ft to remodel. I know that sounds crazy when some brand new houses are going for $100 sq ft, but think of the work involved here. The house will likely need extensive demolition work for starters, then the mechanicals will probably all need ripped out, replaced, and brought up to code, and then the finishing work will begin. After remodeling many old homes I do know one thing - It's usually a few steps back (wrecking stuff) before it can be built again to today's standards and that is what costs the $$$ . Just be patient, the good contractors are all busy now and will get to you soon. Good luck. I love them old homes.

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