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Roof Repair - Roofing Questions
1.40 How you can easily apply a roof coating or roofing sealant?

Q. How you can easily apply a roof coating or roofing sealant? Is there any product that has the easiest application for roof repair?

A. Call for hail damage - Loganville Social Circle Covington Conyers - work with insurance claims, repairs and new roofs

1.20 What should I know before replacing roof and kitchen skylight?

Q. I am a first-time homeowner and we need to replace our roof this summer. We also have a skylight in VERY poor condition that has to be replaced at the same time. I'm very jittery about this since I've never had to deal with a repair of this scale and cost (especially with the skylight). What should I look for, ask, expect with a roof repair, and especially when replacing a skylight? One other question...where do the contractors use the bathroom when they are replacing a roof? Do they bring their own port-a-potty or will they be tracking in and out of the house? Thanks.

A. These guys^ got you covered for the roof and skylight, I just wanted to address the bathroom thing. For a small job like a re-roof, the roofing contractor will not waste the money on a port-o-potty. Most guys (years of experience here) will first try to find a secluded spot somewhere around the yard to take a wizz, before they bother you about using your bathroom. If it happened to be taco night the night before, you may get a bathroom request but usually in that situation, the worker will take the truck up to the nearest gas station to avoid any embarrassment on his part or yours. So, talk to the contractor up front about what you prefer. If you want them to use the bathroom at a gas station, find one close by with a public bathroom so you have something to recommend. If you don't mind them using your bathroom, ask the contractor to lay down a tarp from the door to the bathroom for the duration of the job. If these guys have to go through the hassle of taking off then putting back on their boots everytime they need to wizz, they'll just find a spot in the yard. Time is money for roofers who get paid by the square so they won't want to waste their time. If you ask the contractor to bring a port-o-potty, you can probably expect to see at least some of the cost reflected in your bill. One last thing, it's not required but tipping these guys at the end of the job is the polite thing to do, especially if you put bathroom or other demands on them. I'm not talking money, just a show of good will, like a bottle of liquor or a BBQ lunch. At the start of the job, ask the contractor what his guys would prefer and then follow through (providing that you were completely satisfied).

1.20 What should I be looking for when hiring a roof repair company?


A. If you need any kind of roof repair for your home, it’s important to find a roof repair company with the right kind of knowledge and experience. The roof over your head is such a crucial part of your home, so you don’t want to hire someone that will do a haphazard job. A company with 35 years of experience in roof repair is the kind of company you should be considering. and who can guarantee that will provide exceptional roof repair services at a price you can afford.

1.20 Can a roofing contractor do this?

Q. My mother's house needed fairly major roof repair. She is a senior. A contractor offered to fix the roof, and stated she would be able to make monthly payments. Contractor provided my mom with the forms to obtain financing to have the work done (as an unsecured loan). We checked with the BBB, and they checked out okay. Both my brother and I looked over the contract, and everything looked fine. The contract also stated no payments for 6 months. So, she filled out the bank form and signed the contract. Now, almost 3 weeks later, the job is like 95% done, and we get a call from the contractor's head office advising us that the financing was not approved. So now what?? My mother could get a mortgage through her own bank...but it seems unethical for the contractor to have started the work when the financing wasn't even approved. It was the contractor that suggested the financing, and who provided and submitted the credit app. Had we known sooner, we could have canceled the contract

A. I really don't see anything either unethical or illegal. She was offered something that's the equivilent of "store credit", but I'm sure there's a line in the application and the contract that it's contingent on approval of her application. The fact that he started the work before the application was reviewed is really him going out on a limb. If her credit was poor (and he had no way of knowing ahead of time) then he's purchased all of those materials and will have to pay all of those workers and risk not getting any reimbursement for it at all. HE was the one taking the risk. Did she really need the work? If yes, then she knew she needed to pay for it. Did she contact him or did he contact her? You said that you and your brother reviewed the contract, so you must have agreed that she needed the work done. So how is that a scam? Really, I think you're upset that someone declined your mother's application. But at the very least I'm sure that she can get a reverse mortgage and not even worry about this at all. So just go to another lender and deal with it.

1.20 How much for tree/roof repair?

Q. We did a temporary repair for a neighbor who evacuated for Gustav. A tree fell on their house so we went to cut the tree back away from the house (in the rain) and temporary repaired the roof (there were a total of three holes, one we tarped the other two we used extra shingles we had from our new roof). My husband has a contractor business so the insurance company is asking for an invoice. We build spec/custom houses. We have never done repairs/remodels before and we were just helping a neighbor out. We weren't going to charge the neighbor anything but since his insurance company wants to reimburse we will.

A. I'd charge about 300-400 bucks, but I live in a completely different part of the country. Then IS an insurance company...double that, and have one HELLUVA bbq with plenty of booze after this is all over.

1.20 General contractors?

Q. Is there anything you can do if a home owner doesnt pay the invoice after the work is completed,,,we did some roof repair and, remodeling,,, she said she was happy with the work but wanted to get it inspected by a termite inspector in 30 days,,, this was not the agreement, and really came out of nowhere,,, we are a small business and 30 days is a long time for the time and materials we used,,,in california if that helps

A. You have 90 days from the last day worked on the premise to file lien on the home. Do not wait. Follow up with an immediate 10 day notice of foreclosure. Make sure you send CC to the lean holders and to the insurance carrier. You don't even have to have a court date for this. Just go straight to the court house and county records office. The clerk there should be able to help with the proper forms to use.

1.20 Can anyone suggest me good plumber and roof repair service provider in London?

Q. I am tired of blockage pipes and leaking roofs. Can anyone suggest me some Good Plumbers in London.

A. We have some very good plumbers like All Aspects Ltd in London. Those have 24 hour emergency call out service. We can call them or fill the form online. Call at 0800 082 8200 for any emergency.

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Roof Repair

 Roofing - Roof Repair Many indicators of roof damage become visible after rain. It is recommended that you hire a professional roofing expert to inspect your roof for visible signs of damage after any season when a significant amount of rain or severe weather has occured. if you leave roofing service unattended to untill the fall or spring season, this may can prove to be more expensive since this is the time when many roofing contractors become very busy. Consequently, their repair services can become more expensive. You may want to perform minor roofing repairs yourself before the experts are called in, but only if you feel comfortable working on such an important part of your home. If you notice any mold problems, these can be eliminated by using a mix of TSP solution with chlorine bleach. Please be careful not to use this solution on asphalt roofs. Also, on other types of roofs, make sure that you don’t leave on the bleach for too long as if left on the roof for too long, the bleach can damage the roof. For asphalt roofs, you should use a bleach free chemical cleaner to get rid of mold and fungus that might be found on your shingles. Our local, Buffalo, New York professional roof repair contractors can assist you with all types of roofing repair issues, including those involving roofing estimate.

 roofing company in Buffalo, New York If you find a cracked tile, you should first determine the extent of the crack. If it is a small crack, a small application of mortar can serve to seal the damage. If the crack is larger. you will most likely need to replace the entire tile. To do this, slowly take out the nails that hold the tile in place, and slip it out. If you can't do this, you could always break the tile into small pieces and then put in a new one. Then, nail the new tile into place, being careful not to damage any surrounding tiles.

Although minor roofing repairs like these can be undertaken safely, extensive repairs are best left to the experts who come with the necessary experience and tools to conduct roof repairs. If you are looking for a Buffalo, NY specialist in roof repair issues, issues, including those involving roofing estimate, then you have found what you are looking for! For a roofing repair estimate fill the form below and up to 4 of our expert roof repair contractors in Buffalo will get in touch with you with a free estimate for your roofing repair needs. There are absolutely no obligations!

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