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Tile Roofs - Roofing Questions
1.00 What would be the easiest way to remove composition roofing off my home?

Q. I had a company come out and quote me 2000.00 for about 1200sq ft. so i figured i'd rather do it myself. The roofing is about 25yrs old, not too mossy but there is some water damage.

A. Industrial Scrapers If you can get a skip close enough to you house, you could hire a uload skip throwing the tiles straight into the skip saving picking the tile up off the ground, in the pass we have used a sheet of metal roofing for a makeshift ram but this works better for tiled roofs.

1.00 Anyone know of a company that will do a roof top satellite installation on a 3-story house in San Jose, CA?

Q. I'm looking for a professional installation of a Directv antenna on my 3 story home in San Jose, CA. Other authorized directv installers have told me that they won't walk on tile roofs and also their 40ft ladder would cause damage to my rain gutters. I need help!!!!

A. There are some who will install in the attic or in a utility room where no one can see it, just an option for you to think about.

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1.00 Flooring ?

Q. Im looking for a old floor tile . That they use back in the 70s and 80s. It call k36 parquet flooring. I use it to patch flooring with out changing the hole floor. It is called k36 9x9 Tung& Grove floor tile. Do you where i can get some.

A. Try checking on TV programs like "This Old House", and places like "Habitat Restore" Call your local "Habitat for Humanity ", if you don't find their restore in your phone book. Look in old DIY magazines for place that sold the flooring at the time. They may still be in operation and sell what you are looking for. Short of that, a master carpenter should be able to make you some repacement pieces. My Dad was a master carpenter....thats how I know IT CAN BE DONE !!! Just be sure you get one who knows what he is doing...there are some "carpenters that aren't worth the sawdust in their clothing or ears." Check with a local reputable carpenter shop, they may have a carpenter willing to work on the side to help you out. I would recomend my Dad but he is now with "The Master Carpenter" and has been for many years now. Parquet flooring is beautiful flooring. But if all else fails; buy the thin parquet flooring to match and fill in with some plywood as back filler. Depending on the thickness of the original flooring, you can use several thin layers of plywood or one thickness plus a thin to get the right thickness. Example: 3/8 ths + 1/4 th, 5/8ths +1/4th, or several of the 1/4 th inch plywood. You may have to sand it down a tad depending.... Hope this helps you out...I tried to think of as many places as I could. Oh, try salvage stores...sometimes they are are almost as good as the "Habitat Restores." :-)

1.00 What kind of flooring would you lay in a bottom level of a tri-level house?

Q. I live in a tri-level home. The upstairs has hardwood floors in all but the bathroom and it has ceramic tile. The main floor will soon be remodeled so its not an issue at this point. The bottom level has a bathroom, pantry and bedroom. We have gutted the bathroom and are trying to decide what type of floor to put down. Its a concrete floor as of now. What kind of floor would be best and should i do the ENTIRE lower level the same flooring? Im thinking resale value.

A. Any moisture at all in that lower level, I d do that whole area in ceramic..And if the house is a few years old, and you have no vapor barriers , again I d do ceramic. Using area rugs as needed. Any moisture issues at all or no vapor barrier I wouldn t do any carpet or vinyl since it can ruin carpet and the hydro static pressure can blow off any vinyl glued down. If this level comes off a garage again I d do ceramic.. If you have a vapor barrier and have no moisture troubles a glue direct engineered hard wood looks great and ceramic in the bath unless its a 1/2 bath then you can let it flow right in there but thats your choice. Any other flooring questions you can e mail me thru my avatar GL

1.00 What kind of flooring do I need that can be cleaned easily when an invalid has an accident?

Q. I have an invalid living in my house. He sometimes cannot control his bowels and makes a mess in the floor. I currently have carpet over hardwood floor. I need the carpet to be taken out and want to find some sort of flooring that can be mopped with Clorox or Lysol in water to destroy odor. I would like to avoid any type of flooring that would have to be glued to the hardwood. It appears that all vinyl flooring has to glued down. Does anyone have any idea what I can put over the hardwood that will stand up to some serious cleaning?

A. Try laminate flooring, it is easy to install by locking the pieces together like a puzzle and it floats(needs no glue). It also cleans like a dream, we just got it and love it. You can get the kind that looks like wood or tile. We have the ceramic tile type and it really looks like tile. GL!

1.00 How do you remove laminate flooring that was put down and glued to the floor?

Q. I have this horrible laminate flooring in my house but it's hard to take off the sub-floor because the laminate is glued to the floor. I have been taking it out with a screw driver and hammer and it kinda damages the sub-floor. Is there a way to take out the laminate with little damage to the sub-floor?

A. That is a very tedious job. You will be sitting there forever with a pry bar though. You can also buy a floor scraper for about $20 at any hardware store. Generally found in the flooring dept. Take my experience though, all depending on what you re-cover with (ie. tile, carpet, etc) if you are going with tile, you need to have a glue free surface. Plywood is inexpensive and easier to remove that your laminate, Not to mention the time and aggravation you will save.

1.00 What type of flooring can be installed over a heated floor in the basement?

Q. I read about the electrically heated strips that can be installed on the concrete floor. What types of flooring can be used with this type of heating?

A. Most hardwoods are suitable, ceramic tile, carpet, and some laminates. its always a good idea to check with experts.

Tile Roofs

 Roofing - Tile Roofs Tiles are one of the oldest roofing materials, and have been around for centuries. Tile roofing is traditionally associated with warmer climates because of its heat resistant qualities. They are traditionally associated with Spanish style homes but with newer innovations resulting in concrete and metal roofing, variations of tile roofing can be found in homes all across the country. Our specialist Buffalo, NY area roofing contractors bring years of experience in the tile roofing industry and are want to help you deal with all kinds of tile roofing issues involving such things as roofing estimate.

 roofing company in Buffalo, New York Tiles made of clay can be delicate and can break or crack. They also present special challenges since they are easily damaged in storms by falling branches or other heavy objects. Inspection of a clay tile roof is also difficult because your weight would probably cause them to crack. In fact the best way to determine any cracks in your tile roofing is from ground level using binoculars. Having said that, once you have removed the possibility of damage due to falling heavy objects, clay tiles are very strong and can be expected to last for close to 50 years. They are very resistant to the vagaries of weather, and can resist hurricanes and earthquakes better than other roofing materials. They have excellent energy efficient properties, and keep the house cool in summer and warm during the winters. Colors are not restricted to the popular adobe red but also come in shades of blue and green, and can last for years without fading in the sun. Clay tiles can also be made to resemble wood shingles and shakes adding to their versatility. Remember to replace broken or damaged tiles as soon as you discover them. While purchasing tiles, look for ones that have no blackening in the middle. A blackened center means the tile hasn’t been baked enough and may not be sound. Like tile roofing slate roofing is also heavy, but it is on the expensive side. It tends to be brittle and hence prone to damage.

Tile roofs can definitely improve the aesthetic appeal of any Buffalo area home's exterior, thus adding value to the house. If roofing tiles are properly installed, they will provide a visually pleasing appearance that will stay in style for many years. To locate specialists in tile roofing in the Buffalo, NY area who handle all types of issues associated with tile roofs, including those involving roofing estimate, then you can fill out our form. To find a qualified tile roofing contractor in Buffalo, just fill the form above. You will receive up to 4 free quotes from reputed tile roofing contractors within 48 hours!

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